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  • Jeff Hoffman

4 Million Bullets Feature: Avraham Harshalom

Avraham Harshalom was interviewed at the Czernin Palace in Prague after being awarded with the Gratias Agit prize. Avraham is a survivor of Auschwitz, Oranienburg, Sachsenhausen, Ohrdruf-Crawinkel, and Leitmeritz. He escaped from Auschwitz before being recaptured and then finally escaped again while being transported from Leitmeritz to another camp.

Avraham then joined in the fight against the retreating Germans in Prague. A valiant partisan, he was offered Czechoslovakian citizenship and numerous awards and certificates confirming his involvement in the liberation of Prague. He was then trained by instructor Colonel Alojz Mutnasky and joined the War of Independence as a pilot.

Avraham's memoir, “Alive from the Ashes,” details his life in the concentration camps through the War of Independence.

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