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About Squash House Media

Squashhouse Media is a full-service video production and digital media company located near Boston, Massachusetts. We will work to understand you and your vision before using our creative experience to accomplish your goals, maximizing your marketing impact.


Whether you already have an idea you want made into a reality, need video to fit a plan in progress, or have no idea where to begin, our team is ready to assist you at whatever stage you find yourself. Best of all, we make the creative process fun.

The Meaning of Squashhouse

A question a lot of people ask us is, “Where did the name Squashhouse come from?” A quick look back at history will help explain why we are a video production company called Squashhouse that is based in Marblehead, Massachusetts.


The original Squashhouse was a fish house built in the early 1700s on Gerry Island off the coast of Marblehead. It was later moved to 59 Elm Street. Beginning in the 1890s, it was converted into a playhouse that became home to the “Squash Players.” In the 20th century, it was also used as a gallery and art studio – where Jeff Hoffman studied under the artist Ned Fish.


The town of Marblehead has several historical claims to fame. It is considered the birthplace of the American Navy. Marblehead men are also credited with ferrying George Washington across the Delaware River.


Squashhouse Media reflects the quirky and creative environment it is set in, with its staff having histories as interesting and varied as the stories of Marblehead and the original Squashhouse itself. Being in a small town close to Boston allows us to exercise our creative talents while staying in touch with the businesses we continue to serve.

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