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  • Jeff Hoffman

Shooting New Documentary "Ashes to Ashes"

Ashes to Ashes: Homegoing Celebration for the Unburied

"Ashes to Ashes" are the final words in typical African American funeral services. Many of those who were murdered by the Klan to maintain the reign of white supremacy never received their Ashes to Ashes. The goal of this project by Dr. Shirley Jackson Whitaker is to acknowledge and mourn the African Americans who were racially terrorized during the Jim Crow era after the Civil War and until this very day. Some endured lynching and other forms of brutalization and therefore, they never received a proper burial. This is about to change on April 30, 2016! The Home-Going Celebration of thousands of African Americans is about to happen. Are you ready? You can learn more at

We had the pleasure of filming this remarkable man who after being thrown in a Georgia jail, escaping, getting caught, suffering an attempted castration and lynching, and more jail time, became an artist.

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