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4 Ways Videos Can Benefit Your Business

Squashhouse is helping businesses from Boston, Massachusetts to Denver, Colorado boost their web presence and effectively reach their target audience.

It’s sometimes helpful to step back and see how some of our clients continue to benefit from our video production services. Hopefully this will give you some perspective and ideas on how video can improve your business as well.

1. How-To Videos for Scott at CablePrep – Chester, Connecticut

The videos help Scott as a salesman because he does not have to be everywhere at once. He can get info to customers instantly through the internet and the products are much easier to comprehend through video instead of instruction sheets.

2. Promo and How-To Videos for Melissa at Rose Displays – Salem, Massachusetts

The instructional videos not only show customers how to assemble their signware, but they also work as a marketing tool to show potential customers the ease of use when they choose to go with Rose Displays. In addition, the promotional videos help people visualize the advantages of Rose Displays’ products in real-world retail environments.

3. Product Launch Videos for Jay at Powerhouse Dynamics – Newton, Massachusetts

The SiteSage product that Jay wanted to promote is a complex energy-saving tool. The videos take viewers into realistic scenarios and demonstrate how the SiteSage can save businesses hundreds or thousands of dollars a year. By having these videos on Powerhouse Dynamics’ website, potential customers are able to understand the SiteSage without having to read through pages of confusing documents.

4. Company Overview for Phin at Portland Yacht Services – Portland, Maine

Text, and even pictures, on websites can only convey so much. By having a video that introduces the company on his website homepage, Phin Sprague, owner of Portland Yacht Services, is able to make a personal connection with audiences and show what makes his boatyard so exceptional.

We’re always excited to learn how our services are helping clients achieve success. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can do the same for you.

Squashhouse Media is a full-service video production and digital media company located near Boston, Massachusetts. We will work to understand you and your vision before using our creative experience to accomplish your goals, maximizing your marketing impact.

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