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“Jeff is a talented visionary who helped me create a fantastic product marketing video that penetrated new markets for us and provided a substantial increase in overall annual sales. His dedication to craft and hitting deadlines allowed for McCue Corporation to achieve international success with the Flexcore Bollard product. His engaging personality helped to create a fun working environment where we worked extremely well together. Jeff was always willing to put in the extra time and effort to capture the perfect shot and the result was a slick, innovative video that not only conveyed a strong branded message but told an entertaining story. He’s a consummate professional and I look forward to the next time that we work together."


        – Sean Kelley, Senior Consultant | Marketing at Aspen Technology | Boston, Massachusetts


“The video work is superb! The lenders are regularly using the video series, and it is part of our weekly meetings as I run a new Mastery Scenario chapter each week. It is everything that I hoped it would be and I want to thank you and the Squashhouse team for being so professional and producing such high quality films; it has made all the difference.”


        Chuck Withee, President | The Provident Bank | Amesbury, MA 


“Squashhouse Media goes above and beyond your expectations. Their production team not only produced exceptional videos for our business, but also played an integral part in the strategy, development, and execution of our online video program. Extremely collaborative and creative, the team at Squashhouse goes the extra mile to ensure your videos accomplish your goals and wow your customers.”


      – Melissa Santos, Marketing Director | Rose Displays | Salem, Massachusetts


“The video was a huge hit and really resonated with donors and potential donors alike. We’ve had a bunch of people inquire about getting more involved with the Edfund and our grants program. Really, really fine job by the Squashhouse team!”


        – Jim Cooper, Vice President | Hamilton Wenham School District | Massachusetts


“The inspiring and emotional documentary “Fixing America” would not be half the movie without Jeff Hoffman’s talent, energy and experience. Jeff and his company Squash House Media went well beyond normal photography. I relied heavily on Jeff’s expertise and am so glad I did. He not only has intimate understanding of how to shoot or when to shoot (we never missed “magic hour!”), but how best to convey the client’s message through photography/cinematography!


Jeff’s original ideas were always given in an appropriate, positive manner with his only goal to help the movie be the best it could be. The first call on my next project will be to Jeff and Squash House Media.”


        – Steve Laffey, Executive Producer | Fixing America Movie | Fort Collins, Colorado


“The Squashhouse team’s unique mix of experience – from the larger-than-life storytelling that comes from decades making Hollywood feature films, to the refinement and depth that comes from decades of public television production – enabled them to tell our company’s story in an entertaining but sophisticated way I have not been able to find in years of video production in Boston and New York. Our clients love the series of videos Squashhouse created for us. They really help set us apart from our competitors. Jeff and the team’s great energy, attitude and flexibility makes working with them a pleasure. They are in a completely different league than the other production companies out there.”


        – Gene Cornfield | High-Tech Industry Marketing Executive | Boston, Massachusetts


“Fresh ideas, commitment, and an amazing depth of experience are a rare combination. Jeff has all three in abundance. It’s a pleasure working with a professional who is a problem solver, a creative thinker, and a great team member. From camera work, to logistics, to casting, when you’re thinking about your next video or digital media project, give Jeff a call.”


        – J. Michael Wheeler, Founder & CEO | CrowdNews, Inc. | Salem, Massachusetts


“Squashhouse produced a video on Portland Yacht Services that the crew is proud to have been associated with. Squashhouse really collaborated well with us. Their results gave us insight on how we work together through someone else’s eyes. This taught us that what we were accomplishing as a company mattered.”


        – Phinneas Sprague, President | Portland Yacht Services | Portland, Maine


“The people at Squashhouse Media bring a wealth of motion picture and documentary filmmaking experience to the world of affordable corporate videos and it shows in their work. They are creative and adept at managing projects. And they make it fun.”


        – John C. Womer, President | Plastic Forming Company | Woodbridge, Connecticut


“There were breaking news ‘bombings at the marathon’ and I was already on my way to Boston. No camera crew. My producers found found Jeff Hoffman and Squashhouse Media and they were a pleasant surprise. They shot what I needed and fast enough for my daily reports. It was so easy to work with them!"


       – Marta Dhanis, U.S. Correspondent | TVI/Reporter | Lisbon, Portugal 

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